The Beautiful People

       THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, is a new television series being produced by Kitty Glitter Productions & Witkowski Johnson Productions.  Created by Ryan Matthieu Smith and written by Michael Lewis Heidt and Ryan Matthieu Smith. Starring Morgana Shaw, Regan Adair, Paul Taylor, Ruby Westfall, Lisa-Gabrielle Greene, and  Liz Mikel.

     This darkly humorous morality tale is built around a barren wasteland of greedy, godless people, committing an entire barrage of sins that would make the devil blush. Think 1999’s Cruel Intentions film (actually this kind of brother/sister incest is a prevalent theme in “The Beautiful People” as well) coupled with Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho. Morgana Shaw, who recently starred in the film Carried Away that premiered at the International Film Festival, plays a make-you-or-break-you talent agent hellbent on destroying one woman’s fame while bringing another into the spotlight.  Regan Adair stars as her devious brother who is in search of life ever after.

     We produced a pilot episode for the series and are currently seeking financing while in our pre-production stage! To find out how YOU can contribute and be a part of fierce celluloid magic please contact us!

"When did naughty and nasty ever feel so very nice? Morgana Shaw and Regan Adair kink the ties that bind
in both board and bedroom into tautly wound knots of unbridled ambition with a luxuriant abandon born of
pure lust and avarice."Alexandra Bonifield,